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Mastercraft Carpet Makers - Our Philosophy

  Mastercraft Carpet Makers was founded with a passionate desire to produce unique and creative sculptured carpets and rugs.

The company was launched by Russell Webb in 1991. Small steps were taken at first with a commitment to practice and develop the basic skills. In the course of a few short months, the first of several high profile commissioned rugs began.

Our Philosophy:

1. To produce top quality sculptured rugs that reflect the unique styles and tastes of our diverse client base.

2 . To be available with complete client support whenever our client needs answers. This support includes our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our custom rugs.

3 . All materials that we use in our custom rugs will meet the highest standards in: quality, style, and durability.

We use Nylon fibers, Wool fibers, and Sisal Carpeting originally manufactured by these top rated mills: Mohawk, Shaw, Fabrica, Masland, Glen Eden, & Design Materials.

4 . To have fun in the designing and production of these unique custom rugs and carpets.

Do you like what we're about? Then why don't you tell us what you're about: please let us know about your individual style and interests when requesting a quote.

We look forward to working with you on your next project.

Russell Webb

Recent Client List

• Mattel Inc
• Clear Channel Inc
• Microsoft Inc
• Time Warner Inc
• Verizon Inc
• ESPN Inc
• Ritz Carlton
• Duoline Technologies
• University of Minnesota
• USC Marshall School of Business
• Cointreau
• Nestle
• Hooters
• Los Angeles Times
• Tartan Yachts
• Ulysse Nardin
• Chevron Inc
• Globe Wireless Inc
• FOX Network
• US AirForce
• US Marines
• US Navy
• Bell South
• Teasdale WorldWide
• Clarks Companies
• Stephen Wade Auto
• EPW Foundation
• Cushing Academy
• Cal Coast Financial
• Castle Oil
• Dometic Corp
• Redcat Motors
• Champion Expo Services
• Eaglebrook School

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