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Mastercraft Carpet Makers - BIO

Mastercraft started with a desire to produce unique and creative sculptured carpets and rugs. The company was launched by Russell Webb in 1991. Small steps were taken at first. Learning the fundamentals of any trade takes time. In fact, studies have shown it takes only 3 months on average to learn a new job, skill, or craft. True mastery takes a lifetime. So in the course of a few short months, the first of several high profile commissioned rugs began. These were high-end residential projects found in his local area near Palos Verdes, CA. In approximately 2006 Mastercraft established a solid presence in the corporate market. This market has high demand in relatation to universities, tradeshows, special events, military, executive offices, sports arenas, corporate lobbies etc.

Our Philosophy:

1. To produce top quality sculptured rugs that reflect the unique styles and tastes of our diverse client base.

2 . To be available with complete client support whenever our client needs answers. This support includes our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our custom rugs.

3 . All materials that we use in our custom rugs will meet the highest standards in: quality, style, and durability.

We use Nylon fibers, Wool fibers, and Sisal Carpeting originally manufactured by these top rated mills: Mohawk, Shaw, Fabrica, Masland, Glen Eden, & Design Materials.

4 . To have fun in the designing and production of these unique custom rugs and carpets.

All the Best,

Russell Webb

Recent Client List

• Mattel Inc
• Clear Channel Inc
• Microsoft Inc
• Time Warner Inc
• Verizon Inc
• ESPN Inc
• Ritz Carlton
• Duoline Technologies
• University of Minnesota
• USC Marshall School of Business
• Cointreau
• Nestle
• Hooters
• Los Angeles Times
• Tartan Yachts
• Ulysse Nardin
• Chevron Inc
• Globe Wireless Inc
• FOX Network
• US AirForce
• US Marines
• US Navy
• Bell South
• Teasdale WorldWide
• Clarks Companies
• Stephen Wade Auto
• EPW Foundation
• Cushing Academy
• Cal Coast Financial
• Castle Oil
• Dometic Corp
• Redcat Motors
• Champion Expo Services
• Eaglebrook School

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